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Your Security Needs, Our Expertise

Personal Protection

Ensure your personal safety with Aikens' Army Security Consultants. Our expertly trained personnel provide discreet and diligent personal protection services tailored to your needs. Whether you require protection during events or daily activities, we have you covered with our personalized security solutions.

Elite Bodyguard Services

VIPs, executives, and high-profile individuals trust Aikens' Army Security Consultants for elite bodyguard services. Our focus on personalized attention and confidentiality ensures enhanced security for our clients, allowing them to go about their activities with confidence and peace of mind.


Private Investigator Expertise

Our private investigators possess the expertise to handle a wide range of investigative tasks with discretion and professionalism. From background checks to surveillance, trust Aikens' Army Security Consultants to deliver results tailored to your needs, ensuring your peace of mind.

Personnel Transportation

Safety extends beyond stationary locations. Aikens' Army Security Consultants offers secure personnel transportation services, ensuring the safety of individuals on the move. With our reliable transportation solutions, you can rest assured that your personnel are in safe hands.


Secured Courier

Trust us with your valuable cargo. Our secured courier services guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your items, providing peace of mind during transit. Whether it's sensitive documents or high-value assets, we ensure they reach their destination securely.

Armed Security Officers

Our highly trained armed security officers provide an additional layer of protection for situations requiring heightened security measures. Trust us to handle diverse scenarios with precision and professionalism, ensuring your assets are safeguarded at all times.

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